Corus Bank 5.72% APY 12-Month CD

Posted by admin 17 December, 2008

Corus Bank, a highly reputable and stable bank, is offering 5.72% APY on their 12-month CD accounts. The minimum deposit is $10,000.

Corus Bank was incorporated in 1958 in the state of Minnesota. Corus Bank currently has a base and headquarters in Illinois and the bank is a subsidiary of Corus Bank N.A. Since 2007, Corus Bank has nearly 10 billion dollars in assets and the Corus Bankshares has stock that is traded on NASDAQ. The stock market ticker symbol for Corus Bank is CORS.

Corus Bank has two focuses: deposit collection and handling and commercial lending opportunities. Currently, the Corus Bank has eleven operating branches, all located in Chicago. Corus Bank supplies loans for redevelopment and construction of commercial ventures, customized loans to meet the needs of clients, loans for condominium construction, loans for condominium conversions, and more. Meanwhile, the retail banking options offered by Corus Bank include checking accounts, money market accounts, saving accounts, certificates of deposit, and retirement accounts.

Corus Bank currently offers eight different types of retail checking, certificates of deposit with a minimum balance of 10,000 dollars, and Internet banking which allows consumers to perform banking transactions at their convenience. Customers using the Internet banking options offered by Corus Bank can transfer funds from one account to another and can utilize automatic bill pay options.

Corus bank offers identity protection and customers can take advantage of the other services offered by Corus Bank like Corus Check Cards, Direct deposit options, safety deposit boxes, and tellerphone services. The Tellerphone services allow customers to active ATM cards via phone, to cancel debit cards, to review account information, to place stop payment orders and more.

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